All of Bickford Organics’ products are certified by Nature’s International Certification Services (NICS)

Our guarantee is simple: we want our customers to be happy, no matter what.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve your hay and grain needs and think you’ll find little or no price difference between our organic hay and others’ chemically-grown hay. Plus, where else can you get a 100% guarantee?


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What We Grow


Ask for specific availability, but we have everything from thrift and horse hay, to high quality alfalfa and everything in between.  Some large round bales available, but mainly large squares.  We also have individually wrapped large square baleage.


I like the flex-ear varieies that allow me to plant at 38-40,000 populations. Masters Choice hybrids have a floury, soft kernel that provides for more available starch. I dry and store all of my corn on farm.


Soybeans also are stored on-farm and, for an extra charge, can be roasted. Roasting keeps the oil in the bean and makes a nutrient- dense supplement for any animal. Feed a pound to calves and watch ‘em grow!


As nurse crops for alfalfa, I grow oats, barley, and a peas & oats mixture. I have rye seed for cover cropping or sprouting for fodder.


Oats, barley, and rye straw is baled and stored inside.

Farm History

Bickford farm, circa 1890

The Bickford family has been farming in Wisconsin since 1888. Paul and his father founded Bickford Farms in 1976, and at one point managed a milking herd of 750 cows.

1995: Paul Bickford in Bickford Farms' milking parlor
1995: Paul Bickford in Bickford Farms’ milking parlor

In 1992, they were among the first Wisconsin farms to convert to rotational grazing, so much of the land has been technically “organic” for decades.

Paul has a deep experience with the impacts of stray voltage, and is always willing to discuss others’ problems and experiences. As a lifelong farmer, Paul is now committed to sustainable, organic practices on his 900+ acre farm.


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